9FIVE Showroom 2023 – 9Five Europe
9FIVE Showroom 2023

Video by Chris Macari
Music by The Undercoverz

On Septembre 30th, we had the amazing opportunity to host our Paris Fashion Week event at the Gustave Eiffel Reception Room, on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower itself. It is the first time in the Optic industry that an Eyewear brand invites guests in the most iconic monument of Paris for doing a demo of Collection.

We also offered our guests a live performance of our friend Ben L'Oncle Soul. His vibe was much appreciated while being up there in this beautiful place. And during the event we had a Fashion show directed by parisian designer S-Jorka. She created outfits inspired of the brand 9FIVE and had models wearing these unique pieces on a catwalk.

Fantastic location and wonderful guests, we had such a great time! 

-Additional credits-
Models: Soulemane Tounkara, Lucas Omiri
Make-up: Wiya Amegan
Photos/Video staff: Johan Lolot, Luidji Ledoux
30 septembre 2023 Par Clément Fouchet